Loyalty Programs

The Life and Dines of Gen Z

If you’re in marketing, I’m sure there’s one word you thought you’d never hear the end of, “Millennial”. What makes them tick?What are they buying?How are they buying it? As hard as it is for some us to grasp, Millennials are all grown up and it’s time to make way for Gen Z. OK, we still have to market to Millennials. Heck, we still have to market to Boomers and Gen X, but if you think Gen Z in anything like their predecessors, think again.

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The $300 Billion Medication Adherence Problem. Relevant Communications & Rewards Can Help.

In today’s healthcare environment, especially among senior populations, medication nonadherence is pervasive. Recent estimates state that lack of adherence takes the lives of 125,000 people a year and costs the U.S. healthcare system nearly $300 Billion annually. These studies show that half of all patients do not take medications as prescribed and adherence is lowest among patients with chronic disease.

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Energy Marketing

Social Media Best Practices for the Competitive Energy Industry

Customers are using social media to make decisions on what to buy and from who, often using social media to ask peers for options and recommendations. A rising number of utilities are integrating their traditional marketing communications with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the top social networks in the US, because they are powerful engagement and retention tools.

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Press Releases

Dining Advantage® by Entertainment® – Customer Incentive New UX Release

Entertainment® launches a new version of Dining Advantage®, offering marketers dining cards for over 100,000 discounts at national, regional and local restaurants across the U.S. and Canada – at a fraction of the cost of traditional gift cards. The restaurant discount offers are redeemed by customers via the Dining Advantage® mobile app or at DiningAdvantage.com.

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