Communicate More. Member Satisfaction Depends on It.

Your current communication pieces may be sending the proper message, but how much is it holding members’ attention? Giving them best-in-class offers geotargeted to their addresses grabs their attention…and holds it. Providing offers that are familiar in a campaign designed to motivate members toward some action can act as a powerful spark to ignite that action and adds stickiness to your communication message because they hold on to it.

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Acquisition Marketing

Give Your Customers Experiences—Not Stuff

More and more in the past several years, people are trying to pare down, declutter and simplify their lives. Baby Boomers are down-sizing and the younger generations don’t have the space or the inclination to accumulate stuff.

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Incentive Solutions

Direct Mail Incentive Solutions Still Impactful in 2020

Direct mail (DM) remains one of the strongest ways to grab your audience’s attention and connect with them on a more personal level. In fact, according to a recent article published by , 73 percent of people said that they prefer direct mail over other advertising methods and it shows.

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Loyalty Programs

The Life and Dines of Gen Z

If you’re in marketing, I’m sure there’s one word you thought you’d never hear the end of, “Millennial”. What makes them tick?What are they buying?How are they buying it? As hard as it is for some us to grasp, Millennials are all grown up and it’s time to make way for Gen Z. OK, we still have to market to Millennials. Heck, we still have to market to Boomers and Gen X, but if you think Gen Z in anything like their predecessors, think again.

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