Whether it’s a “ready-to-go” online program or a fully-customized suite of print and online pieces, we’ve got you covered.  Our turnkey digital programs can be implemented in no time, while our co-branded digital programs allow you to add your own images and messaging to drive your points home to your audience.

Looking for something more tangible?  Work with our Client Success team to create your own customized printed programs.  Our team of designers and content experts are here to build your discount books, mailers, and calendars to your specifications.

And if you have a unique need or concept, just let us know.  We’d love to develop a program with you!

Turnkey Digital Programs — By Category

Dining Advantage Logo

Dining Advantage

Dining Advantage gift cards are the perfect low cost, high value reward to motivate your customers. Each card/code provides access to thousands of restaurant discounts throughout North America.
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Dream Vacation

With our Dream Vacation benefit, you can offer your members exclusive pricing for a full 7-day resort accommodation from destinations around the world!

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Flight Credits

Through a seamless combination of API integration and your own customized site, you can offer your customers an option to use their flight credits to acquire dining and retail discounts all across the country!

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Gift Cards

Available with our online programs, add this feature to your customized discounts site for your customers to purchase unlimited Gift Cards at their favorite National brands at 5% off!

Co-Branded Digital Programs — By Type/Industry

Our team understands the importance of keeping your customers engaged throughout your program.  We offer a variety of tools, best practices and ongoing marketing support to ensure your customers are aware, reminded and engaged with our offers.  We provide you with real-time reporting dashboards and robust user intelligence data – a unique advantage to working with Entertainment. 

Healthy Living Rewards Logo

Healthy Living Rewards encourages healthy behaviors on choices made everyday. From healthy food and dining options to active lifestyles and general wellness, HLR is your single source for rewards.

Reader Perks Logo

Reader Perks is designed to give your subscribers an added benefit to their subscriptions, providing access to thousands of dining, retail, events, and travel discounts all in one place.

Donation Rewards Logo

Donation Rewards is a donors only program designed to incent and reward your supporters. Featuring exclusive savings in dining, travel, and retail discounts. A great way to appreciate your supporters.

Dining Deals Logo

Dining Deals are a great way to incent your audience, with a co-branded product.  With multiple onboarding options, and marketing tools, your audience will get high value rewards delivered to them instantly.  Including Fine Dine, Casual, and Quick Serve options across North America, your customers will be enjoying a great meal and saving in no time.

Member Benefits Logo

Add additional value to your membership program with Member Benefits. Give your members access to activities about town, abroad, and online and watch your membership base increase.

Turnkey Digital Programs — By Type/Industry

Auto Perks Logo

Whether it’s a test drive, sales visit, or service request, strengthen your relationships with your customers with Auto Perks. Thousands of everyday and travel discounts are available online and on the go with our web site and mobile app.

Campus Rewards Logo

Distributed through colleges and universities, Campus Rewards provides endless discounts – If you’re hungry for pizza or sushi, looking for something fun to do or planning a vacation — Campus Rewards will help you get it for less.

Perk Store Logo

Stay top-of-mind with your customers. Your co-brandable Perk.Store site features offline and online discounts for your valuable customers as well as features such as monthly email communications, dedicated site space to promote your business and message your customers, and detailed analytics so you can track your program’s performance.

Fitness Rewards Logo

Fitness Rewards is the perfect value add for your members. Your members will enjoy discounts on everything from dining, to events and attractions. Reward your members for their loyalty.

Member Perks Logo

Appreciate and Engage your members! Add your station logo, site links, and promotional ads and banners to your own Public Media Member Perks site! Combine your message and thousands of member discounts into a compelling fundraising and rewards tool.

Print Programs

Print Products

Our printed materials include exceptional savings at local, regional and national merchants, and they give your customers access to great deals for as long as 18 months. By using our proprietary coupon matching system and your geographic, demographic and lifestyle data, we’ll create variable printed marketing materials personalized for your individual customers. No one else can offer discounts with this level of customization.
Rewards programs available now

Direct Mail

We can design, print, and fulfill your customized direct mail pieces, including personalized national and geographically-matched local offer content. Increase your open and read rates with compelling offers selected just for your customers.
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Build loyalty by sending your customers unexpected rewards. Work with us to create a calendar featuring monthly dining, shopping, and leisure rewards that will put your messaging front-and-center with your customers multiple times throughout the year.
Americas Hidden Gems 2017 Calendar

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