Target new and existing customers with our most effective engagement programs designed to increase acquisition and retention in the Energy industry.

Customer Experience
Builds Relationships

Customer Lifecycle & Customer Value

As the customer goes through stages of the lifecycle and builds a relationship with your company, offer them added value to increase their Customer Experience and ultimately retention.


How We Help Utility / Energy Companies

  • Convert customers to e-billing
  • Increase acquisition
  • Improve welcome communications
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Encourage upsell
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty

Boost Acquisition with Incentives

Low-cost, High-value Incentives Your Customers Want

We work directly with Energy clients to increase customer acquisition, home care sign ups, payment changes, new product trials, and win-back results. Our suite of incentive products are high-value attention getters that appeal to all audiences with proven high engagement.


Getaway Voucher


Live Event


Digital Engagement Solutions

Branded Savings Sites Promote Loyalty

Our digital solutions offer Entertainment®’s over 500,000 national, regional and hyperlocal offers as an always-on benefit. Personalized touchpoints, designed to promote engagement, remind customers of their benefits. Exclusive high value offers in dining, attractions, events and travel are accessible by desktop or mobile phone.

Add in direct mail touches with our most popular discounts to any marketing program. Companies adopting omni-channel marketing programs have increased response rates and higher sales.

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Learn How the Best Discount Network Can Help Your Business

What Makes Us the Strongest Discount Network in North America?



North America’s Leading Discount Network

  • 60 Years of bringing value to communities
  • Strong Community Connections
  • Over $22B Saved by Consumers
  • $3B Funds raised to date



Best-In-Class Premier Savings

  • 500,000+ ways to save at local and national merchants
  • 100% coverage of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)
  • Deepest discounts (2-for-1 & up to 50% off) with direct merchant agreements



Trusted by America’s Favorite Brands

  • Thousands of B2B Partners
    with 90% Retention Rate
  • Highest engagement rates
    in marketplace
  • Program support teams to ensure
    optimal experience

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