How Entertainment® Can Help With Your Company’s Digital Migration

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The future is digital, and it seems everything done in the present is taking us one step closer to that. This fact has never been more evident than in the last year with every business having to digitally adapt due to Covid-19 restrictions. The pandemic has propelled businesses even further into the digital landscape, forcing many to implement new ways to interact with customers.

Migrating your business to the digital landscape has never been more important, especially if you hope to survive in this new normal. If you’re trying to integrate digital options into your business, or if you’re on your way to a complete digital transformation, it’s time to start thinking of incentives to encourage more customers or members to explore your digital business. Even if you already started a digital migration, partnering with Entertainment® is the first step to ensuring your customers jump on board the digital wagon.

The Benefits of Digital Migration

Whether you’re encouraging people to take advantage of the digital side of your business or trying to acquire new business with your digital options, Entertainment® can help. But what exactly are the benefits of adding a digital aspect to your business? Well, four major ones are:

  1. Reduced Churn – Having digital options helps you retain customers, members, or subscribers because it adds value to the product or service you’re already offering.
  2. Increased Engagement – A digital user interface offers new ways for customers, members, or subscribers to interact with your business.
  3. Improved Acquisition Rates – Nowadays digital business models appeal more to the modern consumer.
  4. Price Increase Offset – A digital offering allows businesses to have more flexibility with pricing.

One industry in particular that’s embraced the necessity of going digital is print media, otherwise known as newspapers. Entertainment® has strong relationships within the industry, as well as proven success helping to digitally migrate the subscriber base of large newspaper groups.

Entertainment® & The Print Media Industry

Newspapers are in the difficult position of wanting to modernize their offerings while still maintaining engagement with an aging audience base. The industry as a whole is working on transitioning subscribers from print media to a digital platform, all the while trying to maintain current subscribes as well as acquire new ones.

Aside from the benefits listed above, transitioning to digital also helps newspapers reduce overhead costs, create better avenues to generate advertising revenue, and offset subscription price increases due to declining circulation. As mentioned above, well-known media companies have partnered with Entertainment® for help with adding value to their digital platform and offering incentives to current and new subscribers.

Entertainment® has worked with local, community-based papers as well as with corporate programs for media companies that own several publications. One of our best success stories in this industry can be attributed to a publication that had the largest reduction in churn of any other publication owned by the same company, thanks to the help of Entertainment® programs.

One Entertainment® program that has been particularly successful within this industry is Reader Perks. Reader Perks is a co-branded rewards program that provides newspaper subscribers access to hyper-local and national discount offers, all of which are localized to a particular newspaper’s circulation region. This program works as an incentive to encourage existing newspaper subscribers to transition from a print to digital subscription. It can also be used as a reward to help reduce subscriber churn, or an incentive for consumers to sign-up for a new six- or twelve-month subscription, thus improving acquisition.

In addition to giving print media companies the ability to leverage hundreds of thousands of offers from the Entertainment® database, Reader Perks also provides a dashboard to engage subscribers, features to save and share offers, and increased website traffic from embedded URLs that link back to the subscription page. This program is practically automated with the ability to onboard and offboard users in real-time. For any newspapers looking for a turnkey program, look no further than Reader Perks.

Partner with Entertainment® for Your Digital Transition

Reader Perks was originally created as an offering for small newspapers and has since been scaled up to be effective at the corporate level as well. The versatility and affordable price point make it a popular offering within the newspaper industry. But it’s simply one of the many incentives and rewards programs we offer.

Entertainment® helps companies with acquisition, retention, promotions, renewals, digital engagement, and much more. Plus, we have relationships with a wide variety of merchants that allow us to source offers for just about any type of consumer. From dining to attractions to retail, our discount network consists of all different kinds of offers.

By partnering with Entertainment®, you’ll have access to a range of products and services that can help accelerate the digital migration of your customer base. These programs are also able to provide you with analytics regarding customer engagement, usage rates, and attrition rates. Our data gathering capabilities provide instant feedback on what offers are most popular with your base, allowing you to leverage this information to build a better rewards, incentive, or loyalty program.

If your company could use Entertainment’s network and expertise to advance the digital migration of your customer base, contact us for more information. Or reach out to Adam Basinger at to learn more about how we can help.