Take Patient Incentives Digital with Entertainment’s® Healthy Living Rewards Website

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Entertainment® has been partnering with healthcare providers for over ten years to create rewards and incentives programs that encourage members to make healthier choices and take ownership of their healthcare. Dozens of plans have partnered with us to leverage our Healthy Living Rewards program.

Any health insurance plans that have a Medicare contract can partner with Entertainment® to improve the annual star rating they get from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Our Healthy Living Rewards program has helped several of our healthcare partners achieve a four- or five-star rating, allowing them to receive yearly bonuses and rebates.

We have helped our partners improve and maintain their high star ratings over the years. We work with each of our healthcare clients to create a customized Healthy Living Rewards plan that is tailored to their needs and focuses on specified areas within member health, whether they’re looking to help decrease cholesterol, increase flu shot rates, etc., Entertainment® can help. The programs incentivize your members to make healthier living choices, allowing them to get rewards for doing healthier activities while simultaneously improving your government star rating. Read this white paper to learn more about what Entertainment® has done and continues to do in the healthcare space.

Go Digital with Healthy Living Rewards

When first partnering with healthcare plans over a decade ago, we quickly realized print reward options were the most popular for this audience. It was shortly after this when we created the Health Living Rewards program, which encompasses everything we do in the healthcare space. Due to the popularity, we started with books and direct mail campaigns to deliver discount offers to members who started taking better care of their health. This was originally gauged by metrics set by our healthcare partners but switched to focus on metrics set by CMS.

As the program grew, some of Entertainment’s® healthcare partners worked with us to expand into new formats for offering rewards and incentivizes to members. This led to the creation of the Healthy Living Rewards website. The website allows our healthcare clients to create a more digitally focused rewards and incentives program. More and more people are looking for and expecting digital options today, so it makes sense to at least have some kind of digital offering.

Additionally, the website gives our healthcare clients the opportunity to easily filter through the Entertainment® offers and see which ones work best for their specific healthy living program. With hundreds of thousands of offers to choose from, even a client who wants to heavily filter the options can still provide a lot of different reward offers to members. Plus, the digital version of our healthcare rewards program can be delivered quicker, allowing you to bring it to market faster for members.

Benefits of Entertainment’s® Healthy Living Rewards Program 

After partnering with dozens of plans to create programs that encourage member health and lead to star rating benefits, Entertainment® has a deep understanding of what works for these programs and what appeals to Medicare Advantage members, who are 65 or older. We’ve also witnessed how these programs are beneficial for every party involved, allowing the healthcare plans to save money and extending those cost savings to their members, who also benefit from living a healthier lifestyle.

The Entertainment® Healthy Living Rewards program helps drive member engagement and wellness. We’ve also helped our healthcare partners increase enrollment, improve medication adherence, inspire more active lifestyles among members, and earn higher satisfaction ratings from members, thus increasing membership retention rates.

Entertainment® programs are often popular among senior members, which makes it a great demographic match for plans that work with Medicare Advantage. Households with someone aged 65 to 74 are 14% more likely to use coupons compared to US households overall and 17% more likely to be heavy coupon users—redeeming 12+ coupons within 3 months—compared to US households overall.

The coupon offers we provide to your members are divided into three separate verticals related to health: exercise/activity, wellness, and overall health. These include offers for sporting retailers, health food stores and dining, discounts on lessons for martial arts, pilates, etc., plus dozens of other categories. You can easily find numerous high value offers for your members.

Partner with Entertainment® Today

Entertainment® can help create a digitally driven rewards and incentives program for your healthcare insurance business. When you partner with us to build a healthcare improvement plan that rewards your members, we’re there to guide you in every step of the journey. We help:

  • Define your goals
  • Identify the elements that are important to your plan
  • Set benchmarks to drive wellness initiatives among current members
  • Look for improvements that focus on healthier, more active lifestyles
  • Empower members to take ownership
  • Improve re-enrollment rates

We’ll even work with you to get internal organizational buy-in. Partnering with Entertainment® allows you to easily develop a well-designed rewards and incentives program and, since many plans today are looking into digital, we’ve worked to create a digital solution dedicated to the healthcare space and improving member health. If you’re looking for more of a digital focus to your healthcare rewards and incentives program, reach out to Entertainment® to get started.