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When it comes to premium card linked cash back offers, Entertainment’s 60 years of industry leading experience of hyper-local, regional, and national relationships are sure to enhance your customer experience.

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Entertainment Advantage: Card Linked Cash Back Loyalty Programs

Highly Engaged Options/Delivery

  • Existing Card linked database plus our traditional database of high value offers
  • Custom Card linked program design—let our team build you a customized database of offers
  • Your members can utilize cash back for savings/investment, donations or whatever they choose

Targeted Marketing

  • Card linked offers pushed out to targeted geographies
  • Valuable spending and demographic information
  • Relevant offers customized to members; the right offer at the right time is key!

Leverage Our Network

  • Brand Intelligence – offers targeted for your specific audience
  • Full North America coverage
  • Integrate fully into your platform
  • Live dashboards
  • Fully supported by our merchant services, marketing, and client success teams

Card Linked, Cash Back Are Exciting New Options For Your Members!

Whether your loyalty program uses a points-based program, statement credit or rebates, we know that acquiring restaurants and retailers is both challenging and expensive. Rely on the experts at Entertainment® with nearly 60 years of experience working directly with thousands of local and national merchants, getting high-quality, high-performing offers to accelerate your card linked loyalty program’s speed-to-market. 

Targeting customers with the right offer at the right time is important to adding value to any loyalty program.

Restaurants – The Best Merchant Category for CLO

The Card linked offer (CLO) space is worth an estimated $10 Billion and CLO provider transactions have grown more than 100%*. Among the different merchant types that use card-linking, 21% of them indicate restaurants as the top merchant category for CLO.

Dining makes up about 50% of Entertainment® content and generates ~ 80% of total usage.

Shopping Center
Department Stores
Specialty Retail
Travel Services (Hotel, Airline, Car Rental)

*Source: Card-Linking and O2O Industry Survey 2019, The CardLinx Association

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