Provide a “good news” savings benefit your members can use all year long to strengthen your relationship and offset their premiums.

Customer Experience
Builds Relationships

Customer Lifecycle & Customer Value

As the customer goes through stages of the lifecycle and builds a relationship with your company, offer them added value to increase their Customer Experience and ultimately retention.


How We Help Insurance Companies

  • Core member benefit
  • Increase acquisition & quotes
  • Promote safe behaviors
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Encourage product upsell
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty

Add Value with Local Savings

Offset Premiums

Give your customers a reason to engage with you all year long – not just when something bad happens.  We work with insurance and warranty companies to drive engagement and provide value for being a loyal customer.  Our savings provide a compelling reason to continue to use your service each year.


Increase Acquisition and Quotes

Low Cost / High Value Incentives

Our incentive programs encourage customers to get new quotes, switch from a competitor and consider additional products. Our suite of incentive products are diverse enough to appeal to any audience and have proven ROI.

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What Makes Us the Strongest Discount Network in North America?



North America’s Leading Discount Network

  • 60 Years of bringing value to communities
  • Strong Community Connections
  • Over $22B Saved by Consumers
  • $3B Funds raised to date



Best-In-Class Premier Savings

  • 500,000+ ways to save at local and national merchants
  • 100% coverage of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)
  • Deepest discounts (2-for-1 & up to 50% off) with direct merchant agreements



Trusted by America’s Favorite Brands

  • Thousands of B2B Partners
    with 90% Retention Rate
  • Highest engagement rates
    in marketplace
  • Program support teams to ensure
    optimal experience

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