Provide a “good news” savings benefit your members can use all year long to strengthen your relationship and offset their premiums.

Customer Experience
Builds Relationships

Customer Lifecycle & Customer Value

As the customer goes through stages of the lifecycle and builds a relationship with your company, offer them added value to increase their Customer Experience and ultimately retention.


How We Help Insurance Companies

Add Value with Local Savings

Offset Premiums

Give your customers a reason to engage with you all year long – not just when something bad happens.  We work with insurance and warranty companies to drive engagement and provide value for being a loyal customer.  Our savings provide a compelling reason to continue to use your service each year.

Allstate Club Member Savings
A home that is protected

Increase Acquisition and Quotes

Low Cost / High Value Incentives

Our incentive programs encourage customers to get new quotes, switch from a competitor and consider additional products. Our suite of incentive products are diverse enough to appeal to any audience and have proven ROI.

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