Drive Engagement with Entertainment’s® Universal Redemption Options

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When deciding to create or expand on a rewards, incentives, and/or loyalty program for your business, you want to partner with a company that can engage current customers and expand your businesses’ reach. Not only do you need to entice your primary consumer base, you also need to appeal to different demographics. Entertainment® offers the flexibility of universal redemption options, meaning you can cater to multiple consumer preferences.

Partnering with Entertainment® gives you the ability to create a customizable program that aligns with your company’s needs. You can drive engagement by integrating our offers into your omnichannel marketing approach. Our universal redemption options allow you to reach more consumers and appeal to a broader demographic range. Unlike our competitors, Entertainment® offers you flexibility and choice, which you can then pass on to your customers, providing them with the opportunity to use their preferred redemption option. Create redemption offers that are right for your business with Entertainment®.

Entertainment® Redemption Options

Our universal redemption options include print, digital, and card linked. These formats give you access to multiple different offers, plus, having a mix of redemption options appeals to more demographics. Let’s explore those options in more detail:

  1. Print

Some common formats for our print options include booklets, newsletters, direct mail, calendars, and much more. Printed offers are popular with older demographics, including those 65+, and are a great option for cutting through all the digital clutter consumers receive.

Less and less companies are focusing on print, but this oftentimes creates an added value for offline communications. Especially when they have an eye-catching design—which Entertainment® can help with. Although print marketing can be more expensive for your budget, our partners have experienced higher response rates and better campaign ROI when adding our printed offers to their programs.

  1. Digital

The majority of our programs are delivered digitally. The digital category can be split into three different options – online, mobile, and printable. Mobile redemption is often through an app or a text and lives on smartphones. Online offers are any digital offer that consumers redeem on an e-commerce site. Entertainment® hosts these types of websites for our clients. We include printable offers among our options for consumers who aren’t as comfortable utilizing other digital redemption offers. Though they are often initially accessed digitally—whether through email or on a website—these offers are meant to be printed and used in person.

Digital offers can be received and used in real-time, allowing more flexibility for its marketplace lifespan. For clients who chose digital redemption offers, there’s more comprehensive reporting and tracking data available. Digital client sites also provide better opportunities for customization. However, these days every consumer is constantly sorting through digital clutter, so you have to consider how to make yourself stand out. One way is to partner with Entertainment® to create targeted offers that drive engagement with personalization techniques.

  1. Card Linked

Card-linked offers are seamless. A consumer simply links their preferred card to these offers and they are applied when the consumer uses that card at the merchant location. This program sends updates on when and how much someone has saved with the program. Open communication with the consumer and a frictionless experience are two benefits that elevate the appeal of card linked offers.

Since Entertainment’s® redemption options are universal, it gives our clients the advantage of presenting an omnichannel approach to consumers. The flexibility means our clients can create the offers they want, as well as allow their customers to redeem the offers in whatever way works best for them.

The Benefits of Universal Redemption Options

Having universal redemption options benefits every party involved. The business who is providing the loyalty program (or incentive or rewards program) can design one that is unique to their needs. It really depends on what works best for their program and their customers or members.

It’s also a win for the consumers, because they have options. The business could poll their customers to better understand their preferences, and then pass along redemption options based on what works best for them. The redemption style the customer chooses fits their needs and improves their relationship with the business. We can work with just about any customer preference. To give you an idea of current preferences, in 2018 48% of consumers said that they preferred getting coupons in the mail, 35% liked printing coupons from the internet, 38% prefer mobile or online coupons, and 42% said they liked downloading discounts onto their loyalty cards. (Source: Valassis)

Plus, it’s even beneficial for the merchants providing the offers. It allows them to have more control over how their offers are distributed and how the redemption of each offer will work. And it provides several different channels where merchants can have their offers promoted.

Partnering with Entertainment®

When you work with Entertainment® you can customize any offer included in your program. In addition to our customizable solutions, we can also give you access to the geographic, demographic, and lifestyle data of customers that participate in your program. This data allows us to segment different offers. In addition to creating one-to-many offers, we can also do one-to-few and one-to-one offers. This means we can leverage data to create offers specific to a defined group or even personalize the offers for each individual customer within a group.

Universal redemption options provide flexibility, which allows Entertainment® to work in any industry and create content that is applicable to that industry’s consumer base. We also offer co-branded and private label programs to our partners, letting them decide how their programs appear to customers.

If you’re looking to expand on a loyalty, incentive, or rewards program for your business, reach out to Entertainment®. Utilize our expertise and explore our universal redemption options and programs to create a package that works for your business.