Employers Draw The Best Talent With Brag-Worthy Perks And Benefits

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How do you command attention in the job pool and draw the best talent to your company? Offering a competitive salary is only the beginning. From pet-friendly work environments to jaw-dropping snack drawers, HR professionals have discovered how to acquire premium employees and keep them happy and engaged with comprehensive perks and rewards programs.

Jobseekers presented with employment offers typically focus on two major components: compensation and benefits. Businesses offering flashier perks and benefits often win out over companies offering higher wages. Today’s employees want benefits that enrich their lives and families. Recent studies revealed that employees’ top requested perks were paid family leave, work from home and flexible work schedules.

Historically, perks like health insurance, vacation days, and retirement plans were all that was required to stay competitive. Today, the best companies offer perks that are more interesting and fun. HR professionals are getting creative with offerings like free vacations, CrossFit classes, and even free housing.

An investment in employee perks and rewards yields increased employee engagement and productivity – a return far greater than the upfront cost. Perks boost job satisfaction and improve company culture. Other significant reasons for adding perks to your benefit packages include:

  • Better morale
  • Less stress
  • Improved mental health
  • Healthier employees
  • Increased job performance
  • Less employee turnover

Employees are your greatest asset and the only resource that your competitors cannot copy. Minimizing your turnover rate and cultivating a great work environment leads to a strong foundation and a skilled, and dedicated workforce. Check out some of these creative examples from companies thinking outside of the box:

REI is passionate about the outdoors and gives their employees 2 Yay Days a year to go outside and play.

Ben and Jerry’s
To help their employees get to know and love their ice cream, each person goes home with three free pints a day.

PERK= No Official Working Hours
Employees are free to create their own schedules.

PERK= Tuition Assistance
They’re committed to the success of their employees and assist them in achieving higher education.

Penguin Random House
PERK= Free Books
Everyone who works here gets access to free books and a spot in the company book club.

A perk is anything that offers a better quality of life or daily experience to your employees.  Even something as small as free coffee counts! Get inventive to create offerings that make sense for your team and your budget. For more ideas, check out this list of 101 creative ideas for any budget. The sky’s the limit when coming up with possible perks, so shake your tail feathers and try something new. Silent disco anyone?

We’re excited to offer these perks at our office:

  • Quarterly themed lunches with the Executive Team
  • Floating Holiday to use for the Holiday of your choice
  • Flexible work-schedules
  • May is Healthy Employee Month with a full month of activities around health
  • Summer Fridays with an early dismissal
  • Dress up Halloween Party with Costume Contest
  • Casual dress code

A study conducted by Gallup revealed that 66% of employees are unengaged, costing businesses millions of dollars in productivity. This unfortunate situation could be greatly improved by treating employees to loyalty building perks; yet 42% of businesses don’t offer them.

If time or money constraints are keeping you from having loyal, engaged employees, let Entertainment® do the work for you. We offer perk programs for employers of almost any size. It’s called Work-Life Perks, and it’s our co-branded or private-labeled custom savings program. Thrill your valued employees with access to over 500,000 exclusive savings on dining, shopping, activities, attractions, services, and travel with 2-for-1 and up to 50% off premium discounts. It’s an excellent way to enhance your corporate benefits package and show your staff the appreciation they deserve. It also includes $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance; free to your employees for one year—it’s a perk anyone can use.

The mobile app is easy to use and saves money on everyday things, wherever they go.  Regardless of your company size, from start-up to Fortune 500, we’ve designed an affordable, scalable program with a suite of savings that your employees are sure to appreciate.


  • Highlight work-life balance (dining out, fun things to do, travel)
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Low-cost, high-value Benefit
  • Employees save money
  • Dashboard with usage and engagement levels for managers

Whether you want to launch your savings program as part of an exciting onboarding package, benefits enrollment, at a special event, or anytime- we do the heavy lifting. This program is simple to implement with your team, easy to manage, and fun to share. With your account, you’ll get a co-branded savings website that allows you to track engagement, send monthly savings reminder newsletters and add your communication. With your logo front and center every time your employees save at a new restaurant or doing something they love; they’ll be reminded of the care and benefits you provide for them.

Keeping your offerings fun and exciting is a surefire way of keeping your talent happy and engaged. What are some of the most exciting or successful perks you’ve used in your office? Ask for a Demo of our Work-Life Perks program. Then, tell us what you think!