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Direct Mail Incentive Solutions Still Impactful in 2020

Every great marketing strategy uses multiple channels. For many, this includes a fair amount of social media, paid search and content marketing. Considering the popularity of social media, online gaming, podcasts and music streaming, some companies may feel as if going digital is their only option. However, it is important that marketers don’t forget that when it comes to inspiring loyalty, although a powerful tool, digital is only one of many options available.

Direct mail (DM) remains one of the strongest ways to grab your audience’s attention and connect with them on a more personal level. In fact, according to a recent article published by compu-mail.com, 73 percent of people said that they prefer direct mail over other advertising methods and it shows. A 2017 study conducted by Data & Marketing Association put DM in third place with a median ROI of 29 percent, only topped by email at 124 percent and social media at 30 percent. While we are not suggesting you invest in DM alone, it should never be discounted as an obsolete method for attaining or rewarding customers.

Print & Mobile Coupons

In addition to DM still having relevance as a marketing tactic, the use of coupons is on the rise. According to a 2018 study by Wikibuy.com, millions of Americans are using both mobile and print coupons each month. In fact, surveys discovered that over 96 percent of consumers use coupons in one way or another. Another survey conducted by Kelton Research and SheerID revealed that:

  • 47 percent of consumers say receiving an exclusive offer makes them feel excited
  • 54 percent of consumers said receiving an exclusive offer makes them feel rewarded
  • 91 percent of consumers said they would share an exclusive offer with their friends and family

Adding to the proof that print is not dead, a recent study conducted by Valassis, also found that about half (48 percent) of adults in the U.S. agree that they prefer getting coupons in the mail, a figure that has risen significantly in the past few years. There has also been upward movement in the share of respondents who prefer to use coupons from a coupon book. These numbers rose from 37 percent in 2017 to 42 percent in 2018.

With this in mind, direct mail containing discounts has proven to be a highly successful tool for marketers who wish to develop a strong acquisition or loyalty program, especially when coupled with a digital strategy.

Combining Direct Mail, Discount Cards & Coupons

At Entertainment® Rewards & Incentives, our fully customizable print solutions provide a tangible benefit from you to your current or potential customers.  Our direct mail campaigns are personalized and formatted in a variety of themes, shapes and sizes to meet your budget and marketing goals. You choose the format, discounts and messaging and we’ll do the rest.

By using geo-targeting, demographic and lifestyle data, we can create personalized marketing materials that are uniquely relevant to your individual customers down to their rooftops. Each of these custom, variable-printed materials feature Entertainment®’s best-in-class discounts using our proprietary matching system. These high-value discounts include exceptional savings with local, regional and national restaurants/merchants that are not typically available to the public. We have printed tens-of-millions of mailings for clients in a variety of formats. Here are just a few:

  • Teaser coupon sheets or mailers
  • Local and national coupon books, custom-branded
  • Themed thank you mailers, e.g., Dinner and a Movie
  • Dining Advantage® cards with inserts or mailers
  • Donation incentive coupons or booklets
  • Multiple-location discount cards
  • Newsletters
  • Calendars
  • Anything you dream up–we’ve even done coupons on candy bar wrappers!

Lastly, our concierge programs, including thank you, birthday, anniversary, holiday and other milestone communication pieces, incorporate a surprise and delight strategy that will make  your customers feel special and appreciated.  And these days, these small touches are almost as important as the products you deliver.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Case Studies

How well does this type of customized direct mail work in a customer incentive or customer loyalty program? We think rather well. But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few case studies.

Auto Club — Custom Envelopes & Buck Slips

Marketing Objectives: A leading membership organization in highly competitive markets wanted to increase their direct mail response rates for a new member offer and reduce incentive costs.

Solution: Include $50 Dining certificate to offer as an envelope call out along with a buck slip inside the package to increase open rates, readership and response for the new membership offer.

Results: Client realized a 10 to 15 percent increase in response rates with the Virtual Currency incentive and increased distribution by +65 percent YOY.

Liberty Power & Light — Postcards, Custom Coupon Book

Print and digital campaign, a winning combination.

Marketing Objectives: Liberty Power wanted to set itself apart from their competitors as well as increase customer loyalty.  They identified three primary objectives:

  • Provide value-added incentive solutions to improve sales
  • Differentiate themselves through technology & innovation
  • Provide exceptional customer lifecycle experience to improve long-term loyalty

Solution: Our team worked with Liberty Power to create a custom solution targeting customers who were nearing the end of their contract terms. The program consisted of direct mail and access to digital savings, online & mobile via a private labeled savings site. This omni-channel campaign showed customers that they care and differentiated them from their competitors.

OneMain Financial— Calendars with A Year of Savings

This calendar helped members save all year long.

Marketing Objectives: OneMain Financial wanted to acquire new customers, improve customer loyalty and retention and deliver on their goal of empowering customers to manage their finances.

Solution: OneMain Financial distributed half-a-million calendars to branch visitors. Entertainment® collaborated with them to select a variety of national offers that were included in the calendar. The calendar also included access to a custom OneMain Financial private labeled digital savings site that featured premium mobile & printable offers and unlimited savings in the movie, attractions, and travel incentives categories.

Results: These value-added offers provided a monthly reminder of OneMain Financial’s role in helping customers save money.

Health Insurance Provider — “Do This, Get This” with Healthy Offers

Marketing Objectives: Strategically target new members to see their doctor for annual physical.

Solution: Program launch piece communicating details of program with 8 national savings offers and then a rewards book including high value national, regional, and local offers was sent after the member has their annual exam.

Results: Increased program by 20% YOY based on member response

Do This, Get This

There are literally endless ways that you can use discounts in any of your print communications to customers. When the goal is keeping them engaged with your brand, adding a direct mail printed component can cut through the clutter and increase response rates. So, instead of calling a printer for your next direct mail initiative, call us first. We’ll help you achieve a better open rate by adding the personalization, value and savings your customers will truly appreciate.

To request a kit of print samples with discounts included, please email: mktgsolutions@entertainment.com with your name and mailing address and we’ll ship one out.