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CPG companies need to expand consumer markets and gain knowledge and intelligence that helps drive purchase decisions. Adding value to your digital promotions will help you gain insights.

Customer Experience
Builds Relationships

Customer Lifecycle & Customer Value

As the customer goes through stages of the lifecycle and builds a relationship with your company, offer them added value to increase their Customer Experience and ultimately retention.


How We Help CPG Companies

Add Value to Your Promotions

Offer Unique Incentives

Our rewards and incentives programs provide unique customer incentives, with easily measurable results and strong ROI. We deliver relevant, point-of-sale or on-pack offers to drive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. Improve your online marketing, social media promotions, and digital ROI by driving digital responses.

Discount Codes In Shopping Cart
Tropicana Orange Juice Box

Hundreds of Savings Categories

Design Creative Campaigns

We help CPG companies create campaigns that add tangible value for consumers with offers they really enjoy. Create customized themed products such as Dining, Golf, Travel, Shopping, and Attractions.  The possibilities are endless!  Ask us how we can offer an avenue for email captures and gaining customer insights. Our internal Central Business Intelligence Team can help manage your results data and campaign response.

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