Customer Incentives

Turn Prospects into Customers with Discount Incentives

Customer Incentives and Acquisition

Entertainment® discounts make acquisition simple and cost effective. We develop customer incentive programs that appeal to your audience while meeting your marketing goals.

  • Reward your customers for valuable behavior
  • Expand physical or digital rewards to upsell your products and services
  • Incentivize subscription and membership renewals
  • Say thank you to those you value

Dining Incentives

Dining Advantage®  by Entertainment®  is the ideal high-value, low-cost customer incentive program. Featuring a variety of dining styles, cuisine types and discounts, your customers are sure to find great deals at places they love.

  • Customers get discounts up to 50% off at restaurants
  • So many places to try at 55,000 restaurants across the U.S. and Canada
  • Easy mobile redemption for on-the-go savings

Request a demo and learn how companies use Dining Advantage® to reward repeat purchases, reduce customer attrition and build customer loyalty.