Card-Linked Offers Program Registration: How to Fix Low Member Enrollment

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Card-linked offers are an attractive benefit because they add value to your membership program when your enrollees receive cash back from participating merchants. These savings can result in higher member satisfaction, increased retention, and new member referrals. But it’s like your card-linked offer program doesn’t exist if they don’t register their credit or debit card.

Why Don’t More Members Enroll in Your Card-Linked Offer Program?

You’ve invested and worked hard to build your total membership benefits package, and then you wisely decided that a card-linked offer (CLO) program would deliver value to your members and help drive engagement. But it can be incredibly frustrating when your members aren’t motivated enough, by the obvious value, to register their card.

There are several common reasons why members don’t register for a card-linked offer program that’s available to them:

  1. They might not realize you have a CLO program because they’ve ignored your communications
  2. The savings benefits they can receive by taking a simple step are not obvious
  3. They may think it’s too good to be true, or that there are hidden risks or costs
  4. They might not realize how easy it is to earn cash back
  5. They don’t know which merchants are in the program
  6. The available merchants are not relevant to them
  7. There aren’t enough merchants, near them, to give them return on the effort to register
  8. There’s not enough diversity of merchant categories across dining, retail, attractions, and services
  9. The amount of cash back is not attractive

Reasons 1-5 can often be solved with tactics similar to what you’re already doing to promote the other features of your membership package including:

  • Increasing frequency of communications
  • Using multiple message delivery mediums including email, site banners, push notifications, featured articles, on-hold messaging, and even print / direct mail
  • Sharing testimonials from members who’ve registered and love the cash back they receive
  • Simplifying the registration process

Reasons 6-9 are more difficult to address because they arise from the construct and contents of your CLO program, which isn’t easy or inexpensive to change in the short-term. These challenges can be summarized as merchant relevancy, geographic density, diversity, and offer value.

How Can You Fix Card-Linked Offer Program Relevancy, Density, Diversity and Offer Value Problems?

The simple answer is that you need more and better merchants who feature best-in-class offers, across all the major categories, who are also geographically close to your member base. The solution, however, is not so simple to implement.

If you’ve built your CLO program in-house, acquiring additional new merchants who offer strong cash back is expensive, can take months or years, and is not likely a fit with your company’s or organization’s core competencies.

If you’re using a program provided by a CLO partner, they are likely building a core program to satisfy many clients’ needs, and your desire to add specific merchants in targeted areas and categories is unlikely to be a high priority. And even if they’re willing to help you, the price tag could be massive.

So how can you quickly and cost effectively solve these merchant challenges, in order to increase your card-linked offer program card registrations and engagement?

Substantially Increase Enrollment in Card-Linked Offer Programs with Entertainment®

We have decades of expertise in building merchant cash back and discount offer programs for clients ranging in size from Fortune 100 with millions of members, to smaller companies with as few as 10,000 members, and we know what it takes to increase enrollment and engagement.

Some card-linked only programs can suffer from offering a small number of merchants with a very low percent of cash back. In fact, many of the merchants and offer levels may already be widely available from other sources without having to enroll. Once prospective program enrollees see how limited the CLO program is they don’t see any compelling reason to register.

Entertainment is unique in the CLO industry in that we carefully curate a mix of national card-linked offers with our traditional, hyperlocal, show and save offers. This provides your members a wide choice of merchants ranging from single location operators to national brands, across dining, attraction, retail, travel, and services, so that there’s a compelling reason for virtually every member to register.

Because we have the largest collection of local merchants in North America with over 500,000 offers in our traditional offers network, we have the ability to deliver a merchant line-up that no other company can duplicate, allowing you to offer something genuinely unique to your members.

How We Boost the Relevancy of Your Card-Linked Offer Program to Your Members

We boost relevancy with two powerful strategies. First, we work with you to address the communication-related reasons 1-5 mentioned above, which often suppress the enrollment you deserve for your CLO program. Our client success team, who has decades of experience in optimizing engagement and user experience for offers and discount programs, will work directly with to you share best practices, tools, and techniques to get your members motivated to register their card.

Second, we solve merchant-related reasons 6-9 for low enrollment by providing you with completely integrated, turnkey, plug-and-play card-linked offers AND traditional show-and-save offers that together form a program certain to delight your members.

In our CLO program, they get an average of 6% cash back with major brands, which can really add up for larger purchases.

With our buy one, get one free and 50% offers on the national, regional, and local level, there will be attractive discounts right around corner from where your members live, work, and vacation.

These offers complement our card-linked offers, and therefore are the perfect incentive to get members motivated and excited to register and engage with your card-linked program.

Or, if you prefer to keep your existing card-linked offer program in place, we can integrate our traditional offer content with your CLO platform, enabling you to provide your members with the best of both worlds.

Whether you use our platform or an API to deliver our strong merchant content to your existing platform, you and your members will benefit.

Partner With Entertainment® Today

Our existing, proven private label or co-branded platforms, which are optimized for offer delivery and user experience, can be delivered and live in as few as 30 days. And we have an expert technology team who can work with your team to deliver a fully customized solution that integrates with your digital properties seamlessly.

Reach out to us today so we can create detailed strategies and deliverables proven to increase your card-linked offer program registrations, while delighting your members with best-in-class savings on things they do every day!