Card-Linked Offers: New Customers for Your Business with Zero Risk!

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Using card-linked offers to advertise your business is a powerful strategy that will drive new customers through your doors almost immediately. What’s even better is that there’s no advertising cost until a customer makes a purchase, and then it’s just a small percentage of the revenue that customer generates for you. No equipment or new software is needed, no long-term commitment is required, and there’s 100% trackability and measurability.

Ultimately, there’s zero risk because you pay only on performance, and results are guaranteed!

How Do Card-Linked Offers Work?

There are many options to advertise your bricks and mortar or online business, but most involve upfront cost, uncertainty, long-term commitment, mastering new hardware or software, and the possibility that you’re just reaching your already-loyal customers instead of bringing in new ones. Card-linked offers solve every one of these traditional advertising drawbacks and more.

With card-linked offers, credit and debit card users discover your cash back offer on their card’s site, financial app, or other digital platforms. Motivated by a cash back offer and seamless redemption experience, they then link their card to the app or platform, buy from your business with their card, and automatically receive cash back on their statement. It’s that easy. No coupons to clip or promo codes to cut and paste.

Only after the transaction is complete do you then pay a fee, which is a small percent of the revenue generated. Part of the fee is given to your customer as cash back, and the other part is the advertising investment. Therefore, it’s zero risk, you only pay for actual performance, while gaining additional exposure for your business through impressions and clicks at no cost whatsoever.

With card-linked offers, you’re always generating guaranteed return on investment – you’re not buying ads, you’re buying revenue!

Card-Linked Technology Gives You Total Control Over Your Advertising

Card-linked offers give you complete control over who you wish to attract. You can target potential customers based on spending patterns, geography, prior purchases from a competitor, history with your business, as well as an extensive range of additional factors.

This unprecedented control over your advertising is made possible by the card-linked offer platform’s sophisticated algorithms and access to extensive historic customer-level transaction data.

This gives you the flexibility and power to tailor your promotional strategy to generate results for your business by:

  • Attracting new customers who’ve never done business with you
  • Targeting lapsed customers who haven’t purchased after a certain period of time
  • Motivating existing customers to remain loyal
  • Incentivizing existing customers to increase their total spend
  • Targeting customers by location
  • Attracting new customers who’ve bought similar products or services from your competitors

No other advertising strategy has this level of flexibility and precision, while providing rich performance data that show you how your promotion is working, right down to the transaction level. What’s even better is that all these benefits are included in the card-linked program, with no upfront investment required.

What Type of Businesses are an Ideal Fit for Card-Linked Offers?

Virtually every type and size of business that accepts credit and debit cards or digital wallets, and desires to grow their business, can benefit from a card-linked offers program. Whether you’re a large brand or a single location doing business throughout North America, card-linked offers can help increase your revenue and profit.

The CardLinx Association, a global digital commerce trade organization, conducted a 2020 digital commerce survey of its membership base that includes major merchants, banks, and credit card companies.

Their research showed that companies within the following categories were successfully using card-linked offers to grow their businesses:

  • Restaurants
  • Specialty retail
  • E-commerce
  • Grocery
  • Clothing /Apparel
  • Department stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Travel

In addition to the above merchant categories, virtually any type of service or attraction, based on our experience, is a perfect fit to benefit from card-linked offers.

Card-Linked Offer Program Components

There are three basic components to any card-linked offer program: the platform, merchant offers, and audience.

A well-designed, feature-rich platform that provides a great user experience is critical to maximizing engagement for consumers who link their card to redeem available offers. The platform also contains the technology that enables audience targeting, offer delivery, program management, and results measurement.

Next, strong merchant offers are important because consumers will only engage with a card-linked program that delivers offers from desirable merchants, across several categories, that are relevant to them. A great platform cannot compensate for too few merchants, not enough category diversity, weak offer levels, poor geographic fit, or brands that are viewed by users as low quality.

Successful card-linked offer programs also need the right blend of national and local offers. Strong national brands have obvious consumer appeal and location footprint, but equally important is a robust collection of local offers that allow consumers to keep their spending within their local community, where possible.

The third component, audience, can make or break a card-linked offer program for the participating merchants. The audience represents the available pool of card holders who have the potential to see your offer. They need to be a good fit for your business in terms of size, demographics, geography, and spending power. If you choose to join a card-linked offer program with poor audience fit, even if it has a great platform and merchant mix, it will fail to deliver the results you deserve.

Finding the Right Card-Linked Offer Partner for Your Business

There are several companies you can choose from to launch your card-linked offers, but none have the depth of experience and success that we have at Entertainment®.
We’ve been building upon our best-in-class offer network since 1962, and have invested heavily to build an attractive offer network with the perfect combination of:

  • Multiple platforms with strong technology and user experience
  • Exceptional national and local merchant quantity, quality, geographic coverage, and mix
  • A large audience with substantial purchasing power

We have extensive experience in building platforms to host our offers of various types including card-linked, show-and-save, click-through, and print on demand.

We offer turnkey co-branded and private label sites that can be launched in as fast as 30 days, fully customized solutions that we can integrate seamlessly with your digital properties, and APIs that deliver our merchant content directly to your platform.

Our dedicated merchant team has created an exclusive collection of national and local savings that cannot be replicated by other aggregators and content providers. No other company has the experience or direct relationships with the number of local, regional, and national merchants featured in the Entertainment® network:

  • North America’s largest savings network – over 500,000 ways to save
  • Premium offers that attract consumers who have high discretionary income
  • Directly contracted with merchants
  • Relevant categories your consumers will use every day – dining, attractions, travel, shopping and more

Deciding to add card-linked offers to your advertising strategies can truly transform your business. Would you like to learn more our CLO expertise? Let’s connect! Tell us about yourself and our team of merchant and platform experts will evaluate how we can help your business reach and exceed its revenue and profit goals.