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A Perfect Low Cost Covid-19 Vaccine Incentive

Businesses, municipalities, and organizations across North America are wisely eager to increase Covid-19 vaccination rates among their residents or employees, and are in search of highly attractive, low cost incentives and rewards.

Those who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet are responding positively to incentives, and vaccination rates are rising as a result.

Recent news stories have highlighted a wide range of incentives being offered including free food, merchandise, movie admission, sports tickets, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries for cash or scholarships. There are even offers for those who get the Covid-19 ‘shot’ to get a free beer. These are all great examples of innovative incentive and reward ideas.

Some incentives, however, have substantial direct cost, require significant set up and execution, involve soliciting donations from merchants, or don’t appeal to everyone. 

Unfortunately, this can cost you precious time getting your vaccine incentive quickly in place, or derail your plans altogether.

Dining Advantage® is the Perfect, Easy, Low Cost Covid-19 Vaccine Incentive and Reward
Dining Advantage, powered by Entertainment®, provides access to valuable dining deals from our Entertainment discount network, the largest curated collection of local and national restaurant discounts in North America.

Unlike many gift cards, which can only be used at one brand, Dining Advantage can be redeemed for deep discounts at several hundred thousand valuable restaurants across all dining categories and cuisines, and even attractions and retailers!

In-restaurant dining and carryout is a significant part of consumers’ budgets. According to the USDA, one third of all consumer spending on food is on eating out.

This means your Dining Advantage incentive recipients will love the instant savings at neighborhood favorites and national chains. They will not only enjoy returning to their favorite restaurant or discovering a new one, but they’ll save money doing it, with Entertainment’s best-in-class buy-one get-one free and up to 50% off offers.

How it works is that your recipients use stored credits to select the specific discounts and offers that appeal to them, and then they show their mobile device at the restaurant to redeem the discount. It’s that easy.

With great savings at their favorite restaurants, your recipients will be appreciative of the incentive you provided that helps them save.

The best part is that Dining Advantage allows you to provide a highly valuable incentive at a low cost. If you purchase Dining Advantage in large volume, you’ll get a $25 or $50 card (or a code that can be emailed) for just a few dollars. This incredible pricing will allow you to beat the high cost of incentives in order to offer a powerful incentive on a small budget.

Dining Advantage cards can be shipped the same day you place your order, and codes can be sent immediately, enabling you to quickly and easily launch your vaccine incentive campaign!

Would you like to learn more about Dining Advantage and our other great customer incentive products? Let’s connect! Tell us about yourself and our team of incentive experts will evaluate how we can best help you.